Meaningful Life is education, conversation, and resources for individuals, families, and professionals who are interested in learning about or making end-of-life decisions.


We are not promised tomorrow.

A fall, an accident, an act of violence, or a sudden illness can change our lives.

Just like that.

If you are physically or mentally unable to communicate your desires regarding medical treatment, your care could be left up to people who do not know you or what you want or do not want.

Would you or your loved one want resuscitation if your heart stops? Would you want a ventilator used or a feeding tube inserted to prolong your life? When would you think it appropriate to shift the medical focus from curative care to comfort care alone?

These and other decisions are up to you, if you can communicate them. I created Meaningful Life to educate and support individuals and families as they determine and share their wishes for end-of-life care. Our volunteer team of professionals and lay people who have been through the process will offer you the tools and resources to help you navigate Advance Care Planning, with the goal of developing an Advance Directive.

We will listen to you. We will give you the information you ask for or need. We will let you think or rethink what you want to do. And we will welcome you when you are ready to revisit and formalize end-of-life decisions. Through one on one conversations or educational sessions for more, we will help you remove what could be a tremendous burden from your loved ones, caregivers, or yourself.

There is much to consider. To learn. To talk about. To decide. To share with loved ones.

Meaningful Life. One Life. One Decision. One Story.

Carla S. Baum
Advocate for End-of-Life Conversations
Founder and Principal, Meaningful Life