Meaningful Life is founded and framed around three aspects:

  • We each only have one life
  • We each will have to make decisions in that life, some of them tough, some life-changing
  • We each have a story to tell about that life – lessons learned, ups and down, family histories and stories, memories that formed your being

Telling our story is an important link to our past and our future.

Capture Your Moments is a resource that can foster these conversations and memories to be created and become a legacy for you and your loved ones. Whether it is a recorded conversation or interview, or a letter written to your loved ones that reflects the celebration of life, reliving memories, and love.  The vital point is saving it and savoring it long into the future.

Maybe it’s a card you saved, maybe it’s your Grandmother’s favorite recipe, your Dad’s jokes, your Mom sharing a story about a family ritual that makes all of you roll your eyes…maybe it is all of those things and more.    Whatever it is that warms your heart, it is time to Capture it while everyone is around and can participate.   When families get together and share stories, it leads to lots of laughter, some exaggerations and embellishments, some tears, but at the end of the time, all walk away with wonderful memories….and it has all been captured!

Meaningful Life believes the essence of a life well-lived can be captured in a couple ways and one may fit your situation and preferences better.

Capture Your Moments Via a Recorded Interview

Meaningful Life offers the opportunity to archive your life’s story in a recorded interview in one of two ways.

  • Meaningful Life can serve as a host and moderator for the recording or can be present to perform the recording and let the session flow

A conversation ahead of the recording allows the creation of a series of interview questions that will lead the conversation. The questions are shared with all participants so they can have prepared and jotted notes, stories, memories that will want to be included.

A schedule and location are created that allows all who want to participate to be present

A recording of the session is shared with family and friends

  • Meaningful Life also introduces the StoryCorps app, provided by NPR, that allows individuals, family members and friends to interview each other and celebrate what’s special in their lives.

Meaningful Life can utilize this app and be a part of the recording and follow the steps outlined earlier OR you and your family can hold the session independently. The important step is TO DO IT!

StoryCorps, created by NPR in 2003, was designed with a mission to preserve and share humanity’s stories in order to build connections between people and create a more just and compassionate world. It aims to teach the value of listening, and to weave into the fabric of our culture the understanding that everyone’s story matters. At the same time, creating an invaluable archive for future generations is its focus. Each interview created can become part of the Library of Congress for posterity. What a great honor to save the conversation but also to become part of history.

StoryCorps can be found by going to your phone’s app store or by connecting via and exploring their website.

Reach out and find out what works best for you and your loved ones,

but take the first step and Capture Your Moments.

Capture Your Moments A Letter to Those I Care About

Words can be so powerful, so impactful, so full of feeling and love. Words can convey so many wonderful thoughts and stories to those important to us. Creating a letter to those you we care about provides a way to say what is on our mind and heart when you are ready to share it. It may be after you are gone, it may be as your health declines, but whenever it is, it allows all to hear the same message and to have it for the future.

A letter allows you to say it is ok to let you go, to not feel guilty, to have no regrets about your life and its journey through trials and tribulations, celebrations, and milestones. Grief will be part of the loss process but having such touching words to hold dear will help the acceptance and ability to move forward over time.

The Conversation Project website offers this link to an example. Use this link or the sample letter attached or write it from your heart, but the important step is TO WRITE IT!

Don't Panic – It's OK

A Letter to My Family

by Karen Boudreau, MD

If you are faced with a decision that you're not ready for,

It’s ok

I'll try to let you know what I would want for various circumstances,

But if you come to something we haven't anticipated,

It’s ok

And if you come to a decision point and what you decide results in my death,

It’s ok.

You don't need to worry that you've caused my death – you haven't

I will die because of my illness or my body failing or whatever.

You don't need to feel responsible.

Forgiveness is not required,

But if you feel bad / responsible / guilty,

First of all don't and second of all,

You are loved and forgiven.

If you're faced with a snap decision, don't panic --

Choose comfort,

Choose home,

Choose less intervention,

Choose to be together, at my side, holding my hand,

Singing, laughing, loving, celebrating, and carrying on.

I will keep loving you and watching you and being proud of you.

We welcome you to explore and access one or both of these resources with  your loved ones.

Have questions or want to understand more?   Please reach out via the Contact page of this website and we will begin to find the right approach for your life or the life of your loved ones.


Meaningful Life. One Life. One Decision. One Story.

Carla S. Baum
Advocate for End-of-Life Conversations
Founder and Principal, Meaningful Life | Facebook Page